Wendy is our PR Strategist and has more than 15 years of PR experience running her own PR firm, where she has worked with musicians, artists, startups, tech, travel, entertainment and more. She is a mental health advocate who has released two activity books on the subject during the pandemic. She lives in Southern
California and loves to travel and explore new places!

Lauren is our Chief Operations Officer and loves all things systems, organization, and bridging the gap between what the client/customer needs and the company's goals. Lauren has worked with more than 200+ business owners on streamlining their operations, increasing client success, and team management. When she's not at work you can find her hanging out with her family, relaxing at the lake or by the pool, planning her next Disney vacation, and eating good food with friends.

As CEO and founder of NEAT Marketing, Jen’s worked with companies of all sizes – including local startups and billion-dollar companies— to launch new products, boost brand awareness, and drive website traffic through innovative marketing strategies customized to your unique business. In her down time, she explores Louisville with her fiancé and bernese mountain dog, trains for half marathons and is (obviously) tasting new bourbon!


Courtney’s behind our social media pages, blog posts, website updates, emails, and all other things content. She has a nearly 20-year career as a former writer and editor at various news and travel websites, before she started her own coaching business. Courtney lives outside of Philadelphia and when she’s not creating content or coaching, she loves to explore and travel. Courtney is a storyteller at heart and loves sharing the stories of Neat Marketing.

Jessica has over 8 years of marketing, sales, and customer relations experience. She has earned her associate’s in business administration and is currently pursuing a bachelor’s from the University of Baltimore. Jessica is fluent in Portuguese, intermediate in Spanish, and is aiming to start studying French. In her spare time, she likes to do CrossFit, read, and spend time with her dog!

Chelsea is our Sales Associate who passionately believes in the power of authentic connection & relationship building. She has 6 years experience in the online coaching/consulting space and has extensive knowledge in sales, entrepreneurship and social media. She has a background in retail sales management as well! Chelsea is passionate about all things business, holistic health, wellness and personal development. In her free time you can find her working out, reading a good book or adventuring with her loved ones! 




Makenzie is Jen’s Executive Assistant and handles all the things! She works on design projects, edits podcasts, runs social media accounts for Jen’s second business Doggy Issues and tracks down impossible-to-find wedding shoes when Jen forgets she needs shoes for her wedding! Makenzie has a passion for content creation and social media marketing, and is a senior at the University of Louisville, working towards her Bachelors in Business Administration with a Marketing concentration. When not working Makenzie loves to visit the beach, specifically Seaside, FL. She loves all things coffee, and enjoys creating floral arrangements. You can always find fresh flowers at Makenzie’s house.