Your business is great—of course it is! But if your mom, your best friends, and your mastermind group are the only people who know it’s great, that’s just not enough. (Sorry!) A PR strategy that shouts your awesomeness from the rooftops is what you need to reach the next level.              Solid public relations is all […]

PR Opportunities, Public Relations

May 3, 2022

Leveraging Public Relations for Your Business

We’re all on the hunt for those unicorn clients—those dream clients who want and need exactly what we offer. If your business is not growing, it may be because your ideal customers don’t know about you. Assuming you’re in the business of getting more business, you must, must, must overcome this hurdle. And here, my […]

Direct Mail, PR Opportunities, Public Relations, Social Media Marketing

April 5, 2022

6 Fail-Proof Ways to Get In Front of Your Ideal Clients

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